Australian Cartoonists Art Dump #1


New Zealand born artist Unk White cover for The Australian Woman's Mirror, July 17, 1957. Unk White produced some of Australia's first full page colour comics and illustration in 1930's newspapers.

From interior credit:

Our Cover - Artist Unk White has captured what is perhaps half the delight of a holiday - the planning of it. Most of us of course can only dream of that voyage overseas; though we may still look at travel folders. All can really plan a holiday.

Serial adventure strip The Spanish Sword from Australian Woman's Mirror featured above. Artist unknown.

Edith Alsop (1871 - 1958) original painting mounted on board. Alsop was initially active as a cartoonist/illustrator in the early twentieth century before moving into printmaking and fine arts. I'm not sure what this illustration was from, possibly unpublished. Found a couple weeks ago in a basket of old English annuals at a local market.

Two stunning pages in sequence from Will Donald comic Perilous Journey. Scans courtesy of Geoff Harrison.

Original illustration accompanying one off book of Persian poetry by Will Donald. Photo courtesy family of Will Donald.

Original painted art board by English Illustrator Walt Howarth (1928 - 2008). Howarth produced numerous annual covers and illustrations over a sixty year career. Example above from a UK reprint comic of Australian character The Phantom Ranger originally published in Australia by Frew.

Two covers for western digest size story magazines by prolific golden age comics maker Peter Chapman (1925 - 2016).

Australian reprint of US newspaper strip Scorchy Smith. Cover artist unknown.

Three painted Wally and the Major covers by Stan Cross.