Jet Fury #17 - Yarolav Horak

Another New Zealand edition of Yaroslav Horak's Jet Fury, read No. 15 here.

Jet Fury was published by Times Printing Works in Auckland circa 1950's. Time Printing Works published thousands of comics from 1937 until 1954, when they were effectively shut down by import licensing introduced by the National Government. Times Printing Works published some New Zealand drawn material, primarily work by cartoonist Henry W. Bennett, but chiefly used material syndicated from foreign sources with Australian comics contracted by Young's Merchandising in Sydney.

Jet Fury creator Yaroslav Horak (born 1927) was one of Australian's most prolific cartoonists, producing thousands of pages of comics in Australia before moving to England in 1962. In England he worked on War and Battle Picture Libraries for Fleetway Publications. In 1966 he replaced John McLusky as the second artist on the James Bond newspaper strip which led to a lengthy run of 33 adventures between 1966 - 1984. I'll be posting some of Yaroslav's serialised magazine work, Mike Steele - Desert Rider from Woman's Day when I get around to scanning them, Sadly uncollected, hopefully an enterprising publisher can produce a book of these one day.